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A naked ukulele awaits your creative touch.

 Professional Quality Unfinished Ukuleles


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Summer Sale

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Pretty sure anyone you give this to won't already have one. It's not a junky kit. It's a professional quality instrument waiting to be transformed into an artistic heirloom. 

It's hard not to be happy when playing the ukulele. 

Solid Sapele Top

What the heck is sapele? Good question. It's from  African trees. It makes really good musical instruments and can be harvested without killing the planet. It's bright and balanced sound fits all musical styles. Even punk.

Precision Geared Tuners

Open geared tuners with black pegs make it easy to get exact tuning. We think they look pretty cool too. They're also easy to remove for finishing. 


Bridge and Saddle

We decided to get fancy shmancy with the bridge and make it all curvy with cute little buttons and intonated ox bone saddle. Easy to change the strings and it'll look and sound like a fine instrument. 

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Play, Display or Give Away.

These ukuleles are high-quality, wooden instruments serious musicians are proud to play and fine artists are delighted to create.

Walnut Fingerboard

Genuine Aquila Strings

Solid Sapele Top

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You transform the uke and the uke transforms you. 

A Review of  Butterfly Ukuleles

A Review of Butterfly Ukuleles

Wouldn't it be fun to create your own uke?

The Butterfly ukulele is a decent little uke that's ready for you to trick out and make into a smoking cool work of art.


It's all strung up and ready to play right out of the box. If you're too lazy to finish it, you can let nature do the work and let it get covered in natural oils and dirt. (Otherwise known as a "lovely patina".)

To get inspired check out these Pinterest boards. 


There are lots of great videos that demonstrate techniques for painting and finishing stringed instruments. Check out Youtube and you'll find everything you need to transform your Butterfly uke.

Here is a video about finishes


Guaranteed to make you happier or your money back. 

We want you to enjoy playing your Butterfly as much as you'll enjoy transforming it. 

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