Deviant Punk Ukulele

Found this wonderful punk ukulele on Check out the site. It's filled with really amazing artwork to inspire your Butterfly Ukulele creation.

Butterfly Ukulele Waits Patiently

A Buttefly ukulele hangs on top of a Woody Guthrie poster of the iconic guitar upon which is painted: This Machine Kills Fascists. The little uke is patiently waiting for it's new owner to get some oil paints and decide on a design. While it hangs in wait the spirit of Woody will surely infuse it with optimism.

A wonderful illustration of a ukulele-playing bear on a skateboard.

I found this wonderful animated illustration on Dribble. The artist is Raphael Varona, an Amsterdam-based designer and illustrator. Check out his great work. Dribble is a wonderful community of graphic artists and designers from around the world who share their work. You couldn't ask for a better playground to inspire creative ideas for your Butterfly uke.

African Pottery: Inspiration for Your Butterfly Uke Design

The possibilities are freaking endless. I'm sure you want to paint your ukulele and make it really awsome, but... what if you aren't the greatest when it comes to realistic drawing? You might want to look to African pottery for ideas. African pots feature images are patterns that striking and simple and lend themselves to the curved shapes of a ukulele. The color and patina of earthen clay may also provide interesting ideas for ways to stain and finish the african sapele that our concert and tenor ukuleles are made from. I've included a few ideas here, but you can search the web, visit your local museum or check out some books at the good old library for other ideas.

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We make and sell unfinished ukuleles because we believe people are happier and healthier when they have outlets for creative expression. 

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