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This fine sapele ukulele is crafted with a solid wood top and laminated back and sides.  It's sanded smooth and fully assembeled, so you can play it out of the box. This is a quality instument that any musician should be happy to play and is worthy of the time and talent you put into the final it painting, carving, burning, staining, sharpie or whatever.  


At this price you can finish it yourself and get an instrument of high value, or create a work of art to resell to a delighted musician or collector. 


Butterfly Tenor Ukulele

  • Solid sapele top

    Laminated sapele sides and bottom

    Walnut fingerboard

    Geared open-back tuners

    Black tuning pegs

    Ox bone nut and saddle

    Genuine Aquila strings

    Walnut bridge

    Mahogany neck

  • We're a young company and we want to earn your trust. The best we know how to do that is to trust you. We want you to love your ukulele right and turn it into a cherished work of art. So, if you get your Butterfly Ukulele and you don't like it, then send it back and we'll refund your purchase price or send you a different one. Please don't send us back ukuleles that you painted or stained or took apart or messed up. That wouldn't be very nice. 

    Because our ukes are unfinished, we suggest that you have a luthier set up your instrument after you finish it...because things can get out of whack. So if your Butterfly Ukulele doesn't play quite as well after you've taken it apart and put it back together, it may need a tune-up.   

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